martes, 25 de septiembre de 2007

3 things to a deserted island

Alright, here we go.
For those of you who've known my previous blogs, I'm pleased to announce that the tone of this blog will be fueled by the same kind of sarcasm that has driven me into this blogging activity in the first place. And trust me, there is PLENTY of inspiration to be found in the life of an erasmus student. Since this is the first entry and I'm kind of behind, I'm just gonna start typing to get back in the vibe. Hopefully the storylines will get clearer as I'll approach a more daily rhythm to this crazy situation I'm in.

Alright, that was the introduction.
Now the blurb.

Right now I've got Manu Chao's 'Welcome to paradize' on repeat and I've realized today that I'm even able to understand the few spanish lines he likes to shuffle in between french, english and some gallician dialects or whatnot. Ha, come to think of it, his songs are a good metaphor for our situation right now. I say ours cuz I'll soon introduce you to my group of friends. We usually speak english with each other, but we're doing our best to shuffle some spanish in our conversations. And some french, but that's just out of kinky nostalgia with Lionel (the french boyfriend of) and Tania (australian). Don't worry for now, we'll get the who's who clear as well.

Oh, so the name of the blog. It wasn't my first choice, but with blogging being so populair, you can imagine was already taken. And the website's helpful suggestions of naming it ' just weren't that... helpful. So my mac and my guitar. Here comes the little anecdote I had prepared as a first entry.

As you might have read on my previous blog (, cleaning your room and packing your stuff is kind of an event. But with Ryanair's restrictions, you really have to rethink the material essentials of your life into 15 kilo's of luggage. It's kind of the '3 things you'd bring to an island' questions, except any more answers than that will cost you 8 euro's a kilo. So I've come to decide that to that deserted island called Valencia, I would take, above all, my macbook and my guitar. The first, I'm using right now as I'm typing this. The second, well, I guess I'm just one of the dudes-on-the-beach-with-guitar-and- horny-girls-around-campfire kind of guy in the making. Actually, not really, since I've yet to learn Breakfast at Tiffany's by heart, but you catch my drift. Except no one told me the beach ain't that popular here, and, well, I'm too busy trying to learn cool songs to bother playing Save Tonight on repeat. (no offense, Eagle Eye).

Oh right, so the third thing I'd take to the island, right? Well, although Klara (german) insisted it should be called '', I wasn't really planning on making it central on my online diary. But yes, we all have our guilty kilo pleasures, and mine was a soft and sexy deep blue bathrobe weighing more than all my underwear put together. But there was just no way I was leaving it behind. The pleasure of walking out of the bathroom all covered (hood included) in smooth cotton is just... well ask hugh hefner.

What else... It feels like a good start.
I'll tell you about the title of the blog another time.
This will do for now.



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